Thursday, October 16, 2008


Tired of 'em.

I'll apologize in advance to anyone I might offend. I am not a politician, nor do I play one on tv. Anything I say is not due to hours of study over law books, legislature or in-depth study into the lives, experience and voting records of the candidates.

I am not impressed with either of our candidates. Am entirely unenthused about the campaign. This is highly discouraging in a campaign where both tickets are historical. Even more so, I'm frustrated that this is the first year my son is eligible to rock the vote and I can't get excited about putting that little "I Voted" sticker on him after badgering him all year to register.

Negative ads, eye rolling, smirking, laughing. Are you in high school gentlemen? Don't get me started on the media because I will insult someone there for darn sure.

Can I vote for Joe Plumber?

In the meantime, I took a blog vacation without announcement. Super sorry! Life has been crazy busy and I'm not an administrator, so the blogging took the hit (along with lots of other things like breaking my resolution to give up chocolate). I'm really hoping that Fall lets me slow down as the season unfurls. I love Fall and honestly, I'd be happy to nest with some good soup, a good bread, a good book, a cozy blankie and my porch swing. Unfortunately, these days I'd need to book an appointment with my lonely porch swing.

I do have a little Fall photo fun...

This is Sozo. Normally we have flowers on the table and Sozo is enamored with flowers. We have to put them away at night because she will, without fail, dump the vase. She's a bit confused by the gourds on the table, but at least when she sniffs them, it doesn't leave behind yellow pollen powder all over her snowy white cheeks.

Yes, all the gourds came from our garden!