Saturday, February 13, 2010

Happy Lurve Day!

Once again that day of the year again that is sure to inspire thoughts of love or sure to bring sad & lonely disappointment is here: Valentine's Day. My hubby is out of town all weekend, will be home for only one night (a late one at that) then leave to go to LA for the rest of the week (poor baby, his team has a rented beach house, lol), so I won't have much Cupid-like activity. I do have my 3 children home for Valentine's Day though, a rare treat since 2 of them are halfway out of the nest already. As usual, in the morning, they'll find a few surprises waiting for them.

I made this lollie (above)after being inspired by a tutorial on the House of 3 Inspiration blog done by Rhonna Farrer. She also did a great tutorial on making blossoms with coffee filters, so when hubby gets home, he will need to run out and buy more. Whoopsie! Hey, I got carried away! To make our Valentine's weekend more festive for the kids, I hung a few banners and paper lanterns. All of the pink even catches the light and reflects a soft, romantic light around the rooms; an unexpected bonus.

Friday night, I took my daughter, her boyfriend and I went out to see the new movie, Valentine's Day. It was frothy and cute. No big, deep life lessons, but I got to hang with my girl, get to know her young man better and laugh at the crazy parking jobs in the snow around the theater. The government had declared a state of emergency, schools were out and our mail never arrived, but by golly, that theater was packed to the last seat. Cabin fever had everyone aching to get out!

Look what was outside of our 'cabin'...a supersized and scary couple of icicles. We have very tall windows, so these would be lethal should you be under one the moment they decide to break loose from their perch. Had a bit of a "Psycho" shower fright when I opened the curtain to see those! Maybe, just maybe, at this rate the icicles and snow may melt in time for summer break. I hear we're supposed to get more snow on Monday. Noooooooooooooooooooo!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

So, it's snowing. Yet again. :P

The artsy craftsy pictures were going to be on the bottom of this post, but blogger won't let me move them, so here they stay. I made this heart banner after being inspired by a project on Teresa McFayden's Paper Romance e-zine.
The necklaces below are little surprises for some special people. The card the necklaces are mounted upon is simply cardboard that's been masked and Glimmer Misted to within an inch of its life. Up close, they are dripping in shimmer. To make the "Beautiful One" word strip, I cut patterned paper down to the width of Dymo label tape and ran it through the Dymo. Then I swiped a fairly dry Old Paper Distress ink pad across the letters to help them show more clearly. I hope they like them!
It would've been a disservice to any of the few readers of this blog to read me waxing eloquent upon the evils of snow. Yet here I am, to wax eloquent upon the evils of snow while it is (no surprise) snowing out with blizzard (sometimes hurricane forces) winds.

School has been out and will be out for the remainder of the week. Fortunately, I live in a little town that is managed with a velvet-covered iron fist, so our roads are usually fine. Unfortunately, the hubby hadn't been further than the local grocery store (honestly, one we could walk to if we needed), so he thought the rest of the state had to be fine (he also works from home). This sheltered view led to him expressing disbelief when I told him that the rest of the state is, indeed, not fine. That major roads aren't quite clear and many neighborhood roads are nearly impassable. Traffic lights are flashing which leads to replays of Drivers Ed in our heads as we battle the 'polite driver' vs the 'I'm first and I don't give a rip about the rules driver' and me, the 'did all you people forget basic drivers ed?!? driver'.

Enough of my whining (but, seriously folks, why do they not issue frequent customer cards for liquor stores?), life goes on, right?

A couple of weeks ago, I won a fabulous prize on Heidi Swapp's blog, Still Me. A necklace made by Lisa Leonard Designs. This is the necklace I won: lluminate and I was able to choose what I wanted stamped onto the necklace. I chose "Walk in the light" in reference to a few things. 1 John 1:7, Matthew 5:16 and jumping off of this performance by artist, Tobymac (turn off my music player at the bottom of the blog to watch if you'd like):

Apparently the mail carrier went through the snow because it showed up at my home yesterday and it is beautiful. A big thanks to both Heidi Swapp and Lisa Leonard for such a generous gift! I will wear it often as a reminder to not only talk the talk, but to walk the walk.

Here are a few pics of our lovely snow from last weekend without the addition of the snow we're getting today...

1) Our garage
2) The view down our street
3) My car is under there somewhere!
4) Ash & Jack galloping down the street