Monday, October 29, 2007

Halloween and Homecoming

Ah, she's growing up. My little girl, our Kirky, the tomboy of yesteryear.

Saturday night was the Homecoming Dance. The efforts of dress shopping, getting Dad's approval for said dress, shoe shopping, finding the perfect pearl in Hawaii and the loan of a little black clutch paid off. I sat her on our old kitchen stool and we played makeover. I'm not bragging, but she's seriously a looker. If she weren't the only girl born that day, I'd swear she didn't come from her dad and I. She's beautiful inside & out.

Now it's time to buckle down for Halloween! This month has been one big whirlwind of crazy, so I haven't been able to sit down for some serious creepy creating like I want to. I did manage to have fun with this tiny banner....

The little girl was one of the images I picked up while at my sis's in Michigan last weekend. Other elements came from Little Pink Studio who always carries fun vintage supplies on her Etsy site. Pop in some plain old crepe paper, Heidi Swapp, MM and goodies from my own stash; I like her. She's got serious attitude.

This is Sozo, just because. We're painting the entryway and she wanted to help out.

Did I show this before? I've got half-timers these days. I fell in love with this revolving stand. The DH thought I was nutters. I still love it. It's covered in chippy golf-leafing and topped off with a crown. Perfect for creepy cards right now and even better once December rolls around to hold holiday greetings!
If you're in my neighborhood on Halloween night, bring a lawn chair for the annual movie on the side of the house. The guys will be setting up the projector and speakers. I'll be setting out illegal amounts of candy and snack foods. This year? The Nightmare Before Christmas. A little Tim Burton, a dark night and scores of little kids on a sugar high? Now that's scary!


Kim said...

Yep, she IS a looker! Does Daddy have a big stick? :-) I love your revolving rack, too, so raspberries to naysayers. I love your little attitude girl, too. Was she a photo you found?

Heartinmyhand said...

Your daughter is darling. Love the revolving rack.

Dianna said...

SO sorry to do this to you but...
I'm sure you've done this a TON and are running out of things to list by now ...check my blog if you want to play.