Monday, November 26, 2007

Thankful and a give away!

Edited to add: Ooh, the stuff I've found while in NYC! Just maybe a little somethin' somethin' from places like Tinsel Trading and Mr. Pink's!
I am still exhausted from the house full of family, but it was a wonderful time. The food was outstanding. I don't mean to brag, but we really outdid ourselves this time. I don't think I'll lose this full feeling for at least another week!
*the perfect day for a trip to the zoo in D.C. We could not have ordered up better weather. And we were able to see the pandas showing off.
*the first annual talent show complete with magic, art, a circus act, singing, feats of intelligence and great strength and a champion burper.
*making a gingerbread house which has since lost a wall and the roof is all wonky. I think we got more frosting on ourselves than on the house.
*We've started a gratitude journal which will be sent to the host family each year for safe-keeping. Several lovely entries, some handprints to document growing children and menu notes. It's already broken in and waiting for next year's gathering.

*playing lots and lots of domino games. Our dominoes only see the light of day on major holidays and this time they got a workout. Friendly competition and no one being sore winners (which are worse than sore losers)!

I've started adding some of the blogs I read regularly in the side column. I'll be adding more as I get the time. If you're not there, it's not because I don't love and adore you. it's because I'm not dressed yet and need to drive my daughter to school! I'm pretty sure that my list of blog favorites now far exceeds my list of art supply favorite sites!
Last, but not least, I have some goodies to bestow to someone.....

The Christmas season is officially here and all my supplies are spread far & wide in the studio as I work on whipping up fun new projects from old findings. Don't we all love presents? What I love more than getting presents is giving presents, so I'd like to give someone a little package filled with fun vintage Christmas goodies. Just leave a comment and when I get back from NYC on Thursday night, I'll have one of my trusty assistants draw a name. Danielle, no loading the ballot box! lol

In this tiny, fun assortment, there is a nice large sheet of vintage Christmas giftwrap from a department store roll, a teensie little basket made of old greeting cards, some tiny Shiny Brite ornaments perfect for crafting, a dresden, a few vintage cards (one that folds into a cool box ornament), several Christmas seals and tiny stamps. I may find something cool in NYC to throw in there as well. Ya just never know!


Kelly said...

Casii - The pictures of all the Christmas goodies put me in the mood to craft with you this weekend! :)

Dianna said...

Love that idea for the gratitude journal~always good to remind ourselves of our blessings*!*

Count me in on your drawing...:)

Jeanne said...

I'm so impressed with the Gingerbread house that you built. I have only attempted to make small ones out of graham crackers...nothing quite as ambitious as yours. Love the idea of the gratitude journal. Please enter my name in your giveaway drawing and have fun in NY.

Abby said...

What a great idea of a gratitude journal ... I might have to steal that one! :) I'm uber jealous of your fun ... this was my first Thanksgiving spent away from family and totally by myself (well ... at work). Depressing!!! Feel free to get me something nice in NYC ... I've been eyeing a Kate Spade bag! :)

Kim said...

One day, I'm going to MAKE you take me to NY with you - it sounds heavenly! I, too, like the idea of the gratitude journal. I think I need to work on that . . . . Welcome back, I want to know more about the trip!

Danielle said...

Ugh! I am home with two sick kids (DD & DH!) and dying to craft. Calgon, take me away! Prefferably to someplace like Tinsel Trading where vintage sugarplums dance above my head! :)

katemacaroni said...

ergh! i swear i commented on this already...gimme free stuff, cause you love me and all :) i might even take your munchkins off your hands for a weekend if you're lucky ;)

Laura said...

Wow, look at all those goodies! I'm sorry I'm coming in late to the party, but you know I love reading has been sorely neglected and I'm hoping to improve that starting today!