Monday, December 3, 2007

A cool yule is on the way!

Don't tell my son, but it's a good thing he's still at college because when we took all the Christmas boxes down from the attic, they filled his room! It's always a bit of a surprise to start going through those boxes because inevitably I've forgotten since last year that I have this little bit or that tiny bauble.

Hubby isn't going to be happy because I had set aside a couple of boxes of decorations to donate and he packed them up into the attic instead. It's all good stuff, just not my kind of good stuff. I should really get those boxes into the back of my car before he starts questioning every item in each box. Yes, it's a nice roll of wired mustardy gold ribbon, but I can't see myself ever using it again, ya know? I'm married to a packrat who still has issues of Boys Life from the 70's somewhere. I can see the future after we have passed from this earth:

Our mourning (hopefully) children are overwhelmed by the sheer amount of STUFF packed into our attic, basement, closets and outbuildings. In their busy lives at professional organizers, they simply don't have the time to sort it all out, so they hire an auction company where our 'prized' possessions will be auctioned off in $2 box lots to our neighbors.

Yep, running out to the car now!

This week, I have two, count 'em, two exciting events going on. One is an art share. We're each going to bring a project or two with supplies enough for everyone and spend the day learning new skills, making fun stuff and communing with likeminded crafty gals. I'm bringing a couple of projects to the table. Sneak peek of one of the projects~ornaments made from vintage candle reflectors. I had seen something similar a few other places, but the prices were kinda high, so began to wonder 'could we make that?'. After a few attempts, the answer is happily yes!

What starts out as this:

Ended up at this:

I also found this fun garland at Kohls that reminds me of vintage mercury glass garland! I'm not sure yet whether I'm going to take it apart for projects or keep it intact for one of our small trees. Maybe I need to run back to Kohls for another package!

The 2nd event coming up is an open house at my friend Michelle's home on Sunday afternoon. Several home biz people will be there and I will also have a smallish offering of fun goodies that are a little retro, a little vintage, a lot of fun. I'm so excited because my Moo cards finally arrived so I can pass them out! They're like tiny little business cards with my info on the back. I love them! Wish me luck for this Sunday. I'll need all I can get. Putting my stuff, my babies, out there is a big step and I'd hate to think that people didn't at least like it a little bit. Leftovers will be going into a new Etsy shop.


Laura said...

Oh how cool for you on your upcoming Etsy shop...go you! Love your little tin ornaments - cute cute!

Back Through Time said...

I just started my Etsy shop last Sunday, good luck with yours! And I made some reflector ornaments too! I used vintage wallpaper in the center of mine. Yours are really cute!
Just wanted to say hi! Nice to meet you!

Jeanne said...

Those candle reflector ornaments are really clever Casii. Oh, how I wish I had a whole room to put my Christmas boxes in. I can dream. . .

Kim said...

Kim says: Your stuff is gorgeous, and don't let anyone tell you it isn't! Good luck.