Friday, May 22, 2009

Walkersville Day with an Opus

I was lucky enough to get to squire Miss Rosemary, one of the Opus Gluei ladies, around my tiny town last Saturday for the annual Walkersville Day when the entire town is full of yard sales, garage sales, church yard sales, church festivals and more.
The weather cooperated and the town did too. We had a blast, particularly scoring at the local Church of Christ sale where we giggled like mad school girls as we read passages from Cherry Ames nursing books (Oh Cherry!), an old Nancy Drew cookbook (the recipe titles were worth the $.50) and a medical shorthand study book where, yes, sometimes the shorthand resembled the body part IYKWIM!

Rosemary was also able to see that I'm not telling tall tales when I say our mayor owns the local one room (tiny) feedstore down the street where he sits on the front porch in his flannel shirt watching his townspeople go by. And my youngest can't stop talking about Miss Rosemary (to a 13 year old, that's high praise). The Lutheran church had the best baked goods. All my attempts to 'be good' flew out the window when I bit into a moist, chewy 7-layer bar. This was a 'who needs a man' snack. Yes, they were really that special. We didn't know what to think of the Lemon Chocolate Chip cookies though. What do you think about that now Rosemary?

I figured I'd better send an entry for the Order of the Opus Gluei challenge over their way, so I worked on the Getaway theme by finally beginning work on the trip that we took to Hawaii with our kids 2 years ago. You know what's wild? I still had loads of paper to use left over from the scrapbook for a trip that the better half and I took to Hawaii 4 years ago along with a giant stack of tropical travel themed embellishments! Even wilder, it's still cool paper.
For this one I finally used these Meri Meri flipflops that I'd been saving for some crazy reason. Getting these three clowns to take a photo together is like nailing Jello to a tree. Here, they were worn out from snorkeling, walking and hiking through lava fields or rainforest, so I was finally able to catch them unaware.
For the 2nd layout, I opened up a package of Lil Davis bottle caps that I tried to sell in a scrap/stamp yard sale a couple of years ago. When I was cleaning off some shelves, I rediscovered them hiding in a box. Whaddya know, they are still perfectly cool, plus I was able to dust off some old Heidi Swapp tape and plastic alphabet letters.
These completed pages should make me feel good to get started on the trip scrapbook, right? Somehow that giant stack of photos that are still lying on the counter seem to be laughing mockingly at me. They will be done. Eventually. For now, it's past 5p.m. and the weekend is starting. Where's my martini shaker?


tina said...

I would SO love to go yard sale'ing with you! SIGH! I love your layouts!! They're so cute! I totally rolled over the jello comment ;D

Heidi said...

I still have a couple of packages of those bottle caps and I still love them! I don't care if they're 5 years old and it may be another 5 years until I get around to using them. :)

Bliss said...

Man! I always forget how funny you are! It just rolls you talk this way too? I wanna go to Hawaii with you :)
I love your scrapbook pages!!

Rosemary said...

Casii is as fun in real life as on her blog! But she doesn't have a soundtrack playing!

I had a wonderful time too - 7 layer bar? What 7 layer bar? Oh, the one I inhaled!!??!! YUM! Still not biting on those lemon chocolate chip cookies - I think it is one of those old-fashioned goodies (like horehound candy) that sounds rustic and doesn't suit modern tastebuds! I just loved walking around and shopping like that, and I loved spending time with your daughter! Can't wait to move closer - then you can both come over for crafty goodness! But no lemon chocolate chip cookies....blech...

Jana said...

Sounds like a lovely time wondering around examining artifacts. Your layouts are very cool. Wonderfully tropic. It is always a pleasure to see your work AND when you combine it with the OPUS GLUEI challenge, well that is pure genius. I may be a bit biased.
I understand nailing jello to trees. I have 3 packets of jello myself.
I say grab your martini shaker, that stack of photos and go to town. Talk about fun scrapping...