Friday, December 4, 2009

Loopy for Christmas (and a giveaway)

This little project is straight from our childhood; a paper chain. Even now, children make colorful chains to count down the days to Christmas, my youngest child still among them.

The slight twist is that I used paper taken from an old French book "Les Malheurs De Sophie" (The Troubles of Sophie) that I purchased at the Porte de Clignancourt flea market in Paris. I looked the book up on Wiki and found that a film & ballet had been based upon it as well which is kind of cool. (forgive some of my photos, I think my camera is about to die since it also flipped out on me over Thanksgiving)
For my chain, I used 8 sheets from the book and cut them into 2 inch strips. The pages have a lovely, creamy aged quality and are still quite sturdy.
I used very basic tools, especially since losing my bone folder in a class, so I improvised with a rub-on tool. :)
After cutting my little pile of 2 inch strips, I scored a line down the length of each strip and folded them on the score line. ~This is a super easy project, but not the most mind engaging, so it's perfect to do while watching your favorite Christmas movie.~
Once all of the strips were folded in half lengthwise, I ran a line of glue down one side and pressed. While pressing the halves together, I also ran my fingers along the paper in a curling motion, so that when the glue dried, the strips would already be predisposed to forming a loop. (if that makes any sense, almost like curling ribbon)
Since I'm not the most patient of gals, I skipped the drying part and went straight into stapling my strips into loops connecting them as I went along. The Tim Holtz Tiny Attacher (or whatever it's called) is great for this. The little staples have a nice hold and fit the tone of the project.
When I had attached all of my loops together, I cut lengths of seam binding to tie to each end for hanging. The 8 pages translated into about 8 feet of paper chain. The glimpses of French text and aged paper would go very well decorating all through the year as well as Christmas time. If you'd like, you could also finish the edges of the strips with distress ink or vintage glass glitter, but be careful not to weigh the loops down or the draping effect might be lost.
Want to know about the giveway? Read on...
And now to give some elements of this project away! We all love happy mail, so I'm going to send someone 8 pages and 1 illustration from this vintage French book as well as seam binding in deep green, silvery white and red so you can choose which you would like should you decide to make a paper chain and use the rest for other projects. I also have a page or two of vintage sheet music and vintage Christmas cards & seals to tuck into this little package as well as some recently unearthed Heidi Swapp product that I likely bought more than once (hey, I get excited about cool stuff or some came in a kit).
To be entered into the giveaway, simply leave a comment on this post. For another entry, link this post in your blog (but only if you want to share the opportunity with a friend or two!) and include that in your post. My trusty assistant will draw a name from Santa's boot next Friday, December 11th. Bon Chance!


Jingle said...

I LOVE your paper chain! I really love the idea of using vintage book pages to create it! Now I want to make one! Hmmm..weekend activity, perhaps? LOL!

Janelle said...

Love the paper chain, and especially love the Christmassy look of your blog! I haven't made paper chains in years and years...

Kristen said...

I would love to be entered - thank you for the lovely giveaway! :)

Michele said...

What a clever idea! I admire your ingenuity.

Tanya said...

I love your paper chain and would be tempted to leave it up all year! Your blog looks adorable too.

jennifer said...

I remember making paper chains from construction paper... red, orange, yellow, green, and blue at Christmas!

And woven construction paper place mats at Thanksgiving :) Your post brings back sweet memories.

On a separate note, this evening I am going to add your cards to my Etsy shop. We've had concerts, belt testing in Taekwondo, Stomach viruses... DISTRACTIONS (excuses excuses). Tonight I will get those items plus some more added. I really appreciate your support!!!

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Ann said...

Casii the Creative (sorry seen Narnia thrice in as many days) you are so knighted.

Do I get to use my brain this much too when the kids are older and I can think?

The most creative I could come up with today (this week) was to make cookies from a mix with the boys and make icing to cover the snowmen cookies - but the icing is off white (peed on snowmen?) and tastes weird (maybe the butter should not have been in the freezer).

Yes please put me on your giveaway list.

Melissa Rudolph said...

Certainment, Tes Familles vont d'avoir un joyeux Noelle avec decor comme ca!

Marie said...

What a pretty paper chain.<--kind of feel funny saying that. :)

Marie said...

or maybe that's the cold med I took. LOL!

Erin Bassett said...

Your paper chain looks so it! I'm a sucker for vintage. :)

Danielle said...

Hey Hun,
The chain is so purdy. As always. I have to give you huge thanks for hooking me up with One Pretty Thing. I have been searching the site for days for ideas for next years fair.

Hope your staying warm and dry.


Blissitydoodah said...

Oh wow! I'm TORN over the TORN old Parisian book and having a paper chain just like that one!!!
I feel all sweet because of the poor college students and their squeezes needing something to hang on to! So many emotions you've made me have...*sniff*
Okay, am I entered?

Rosemary said...

I love your blog, I always enjoy what I see on here and it never fails to make me smile - you're so creative!!!!

Okay, well, I love the chain and I would love to win and get some of this cuteness for myself.