Thursday, January 14, 2010

A little fun, a little creativity and a lot of frozen toes

First, there are a couple of birthdays coming up, so I spent a few late nights in the studio. Mostly just communing with pretty paper or supplies, but I did manage to create a couple of cards for special birthday people.

Most importantly is my daughter who turns 14 tomorrow. Wahhhhh! This kid is talented in so many areas that if I weren't there for her very first birthday, I'd swear she came from some other super amazing set of parents. She can jump tall buildings in a single bound, run faster than a locomotive and has a deep empathy for others. I'm so proud of my baby girl. This one is for her, my little blizzard baby...Though you can't see it, this one is full of shimmer. I used glimmer mist and in person, it is full on sparkly. I don't know if anyone remembers wayyyyyy back when I glittered an entire package of Basic Grey chipboard & put it all in a bowl for ready-made embellishments? The 'snowflake' is one of those pieces.
This card is for someone I've known since he was 'this high'. Now he's all grown up with a daughter of his own (daaaaaang, I'm old). This one also fits right in with the latest challenge from Opus Gluei to use a star. And yes, I glittered an entire package of crusty old Lil Davis chipboard stars way back thinking that I might get around to using them on a project. :)
You know how it's been colder than a Siberian work camp the past couple of weeks? I'm NOT cut out for the cold and anyone around me knows it because I complain at top volume. Hubby and I are in a constant battle over the thermostat. He turns it to something dreadfully low like 60 and I crank it up to something reasonable such as 68.
I don't know what possessed us to travel to NYC during one of the coldest weekends in 40 years, but that's what we did last weekend. I'm still working to regain feeling in my pinky toes. It was cold. Wicked. Freezing. Cold. Even the subway stations were bone chilling. The rats had headed South for the winter. And they were wearing their little rat scarves.
Oddly enough, people still lined up for free samples at the Coldstone Creamery we passed.
As a Christmas gift to each other, hubby and I went to see the newish musical Memphis. Due to the cold, I had been thinking the trip wasn't worth it, but after the show, braving the freezing temps was so worth it. If you are in the market to see a newer show, strongly consider this one. I'd see it again. I'd see it again especially if it were summer and I felt up to standing in line for a Coldstone sample. ;)


Rosemary said...

Dang! I don't know where to start - wow, your little girl is growing up! Colder than a Siberian work camp almost had coffee coming out of my nose!!! Too funny, but I agree completely. NYC - I am jealous although it must have been soooooooo brrrrrr cold!!!! Nice to know the rats even know when it is too cold (in their little rat scarves - lol). David and I fight the good fight as well over the thermostat, he believes that unless icicles are forming on my nose that I'm not really THAT cold, am I? So I put my cold toes on his back. It's just my little way of showing affection! When he goes on travel, c'mon up to my home and we'll turn up the heat and have a luau.

Now, about your projects. LOVE THEM! You used your glittered chipboard even if it has been a while, you get points for USING them. Good for you!!!!!

Love the birthday card and I'm so glad you are playing at Opus Gluei!!!

Jana said...

Happy Birthday to your daughter. And happy Labor Day to you.
Hope you are thawing out in your tropically warm house. LOL. DH and I have the same "discussions" in our home/igloo.
Your cards are wonderful. I really like the idea of mass glittering. Of course now that this idea is firmly implanted in my little pea brain, none of my girls will be sick tomorrow. (I've been home with a sick kid for 3 days now and DH is out of town.)
Off to check out your Upcycled Art post which I see taunting me ...

jennifer said...

Happy Birthday to your FOURTEEN year old! Mine will turn 14 in March so I know how you feel.

I want glimmer mist. I NEED glimmer mist. I may make a trip down the road to the scrapbook store (or does Michaels carry it?). PRETTY cards!!

Heidi said...

Love the cards! That glittery snowflake is beautiful. Such a smart idea, to glitter up a whole package of chipboard at a time! I may need to copy you...

And you cracked me up about 'communing with pretty papers'. Hee! :) I so get what you mean!

TJ said...


Happy Birthday to your 14 year old! You still don't look old enough to have a 14 year old, let alone college kids.

jennifer said...

I am loading the items you sent me to ETSY tonight and will have a post about it tomorrow. You are the BEST!

Amy said...

Hey you! these are so pretty!Happy Birthday to your girl!