Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Yeah Baby!

Had a seriously rocking time at Creative Escape. I cannot tell you the creative high I am still flying upon. Just in time too. I was beginning to think the mojo had left the building for good. Instead, I really feel that the sporadic time spent in my studio just didn't put enough creative kindling into the artistic fire. In order to fuel it, it must be stoked regularly.

This is why I'm happy dancing over the opportunity to bring one of my CE classes home and translate it into an ongoing art project that ties into my continuing efforts to lose weight. Rhonna Farrer taught a class called the 21 Challenge where we began working on an art journal to record our efforts to make/break a habit in 21 Days. What could be more perfect than a combo project that ties my love of artsy fartsy with my angst of losing weight? (duh, nothing!)

The bulk of the journal was finished at home after the Pony Express, er, Fed Ex delivered all my fun Creative Escape goodness. I followed the basic Rhonna formula to lay down the basic and can't wait to play it up over the course of these next 3 weeks.

My personal challenge? To get at least 10,000 steps in a day in addition to working out 4 days a week. In short, to get off my tush and MOVE. So far, so good. I have come to realize that if it weren't for my Weight Watcher pedometer, I'd be seriously overshooting my step count. It's a long walk to 10,000 steps! Fortunately today was official shopping day which has brought my step count to over 18,000 for the day.

Another bonus to working on the journal every day is that I'm already in the studio which makes staying there easier. More creating possibilities abound! Thus, I finished a couple of Bingo Beauties. They may end up on Etsy. Maybe not. I enjoy looking at them. For some odd reason, they tickle and delight me and my dh keeps trying to cover their bosoms up which makes me smile even more.

Sorry for the poor quality on the journal pics. I need to get into another habit of taking these photos during the magic daylight hour instead of evening.

BTW, weigh in was today and surprisingly, I posted a loss. I thought the Creative Escape 'diet' was going to do me in for at least a couple of weeks!


Kath W said...

Congrats on having lost (instead of gaining like I did) at CE! Love your bingo cards and can't wait to see your challenge progress!

18,000 steps? Kudos!

Sunny said...

What a fun read! I know my pants felt tighter after CE! Sounds like your off to a good start! Keep up the good work.

Jeanne said...

Great journal pages! I like Monday's too...fresh start, new week! 10,000 steps IS a lot. I thought AI walked alot during the day and was quite surprised when I put on a pedometer and was no where near 10,000 steps. Good for you!

Christi Snow said...

Fantastic goal!! I am loving your work esp. those fun bingo cards! smiles...

Kim said...

LOVE the bingo beauties and GOOD FOR YOU for taking the challenge.