Wednesday, January 2, 2008


As a general rule, I'm not a Miss Pollyanna, but wow, I'm feeling a possibility attitude coming on! How odd, considering that last year (all of 2 days ago) wore me out that I should wake up on January 1st feeling that things are right shiny.
Hey, I'll take it over being a Little Miss Rain Cloud anyday. What are your possibilities for this New Year?

To play catch up:
Abby tagged me before Christmas to name 7 odd facts about me. I had done something similar shortly before, but considering we're coming off the holiday, I'm going to treat her to 7 odd Christmas facts.

1. I paid a lot of money to have 2 choice cds this Christmas off Ebay. The first was Tales from the Crypt Christmas. I had bought it for my sis circa 1995 and she lost it. It was awesome! Classics like Deck the Halls with Parts of Charlie and Juggle Bills can never be forgotten. The second was A Christmas Gift for you from Phil Spector. Made with Phil Spector's revolutionary wall of sound technology, it is regarded in some circles at the best Christmas music compilation ever. I'm not sure about that, but I was so glad to finally get it into my greedy little hands. Well worth the bidding!
2. Regardless of the fact that I spent well over $100 on various Christmas scrapbook supplies, stamps, etc., I used NONE of it on my Christmas projects. For shame, for shame. Remind me of this next year when Basic Grey, Autumn Leaves and Making Memories come to visit me like the 3 ghosts of Christmas. This year was largely vintage or stash supplies. Rebecca Sower helped me to get over my angst of repurposing vintage items and now I can't stop!
3. I stayed up most of the night on Christmas eve watching movies. There was an amazing line-up! First was The Bishop's Wife, then I took a break to play Santa. After that, it was The Bells of Saint Mary's followed by Meet Me in St. Louis. Hmm, maybe I stayed up most of the night because my daughter gave me a stomach virus!
4. Okay, I know it's a love it or hate it kind of thing, but I lurve with a passion the movie A Christmas Story. We quote it all year around in this house. I think being a vintage nut, half the attraction is the cool sink and Hoosier they have in the kitchen, the rampant use of jadite and milk glass at the dining table, the toy window display at the department store and well, wouldn't you like to have a Little Orphan Annie Secret Decoder Ring regardless of whether it told you to drink your Ovaltine or not? (guess who has Ovaltine in their pantry)
As a bonus, our tiny little hardware store around the corner on Main Street had a display that, I kid you not, had a Daisy Red Rider BB gun in the window.
5. I have so much wrapping paper, I could never buy another roll for 10 years and still have plenty left over. To make matters worse, I bought 4 more rolls after Christmas and much to my surprise, won 2 auctions for vintage wrap on Ebay. It's a surprise because I was outbid on the first zillion lots of vintage wrap I tried for.
6. My magazine purchases spike in November and December because it seems I cannot turn down any special holiday edition of any magazine. Well, maybe not Guns & Gardens. I was so ticked at Borders because they didn't get the December issue of Marie Claire Idees until this flipping week! Um, bought it anyway. And if Matthew Mead doesn't get a holiday something out next season, my copy of his idea issue from last year is going to Staples to be spiral bound.
7. I'm already imagining what next year's Christmas season will be like. Sure, I complain about seeing Christmas merchanise alongside school supplies in August, but secretly, I'm gathering ideas and information and forming a vision of what Christmas might be like in our household come December.

Now that Christmas is on it's way back up into the attic, visions of Lurve enter my mind. Note #2 on my list of Christmas facts? I have a lot of Christmas supplies that I bought with good intentions and little time. Luckily, yesterday I was able to play with one of those Christmas supplies. Never got out of my PJs (oh I put on deodorant, calm down) and spent a lot of the day putzing around in the studio.
I picked up a set of Martha Stewarts Frosty Village Favor Boxes thinking I'd jazz them up a little bit as decorations. Christmas was coming. Christmas came. Christmas went. Package remained upopened. One day I started writing an annoying email to Danielle of Retrospection asking a lot of questions since on occasion I get into this stream of conciousness train of thought when the idea came to me to repurpose those little favor boxes into Love Shacks. Now that I look at them, I might rename them Cupid Cottages since all I can think of when I say Love Shack is a technicolor B-52s image and these are softer, sparkly, sweet kinds of creations. For the kiddos, they may be filled with candy. For the hubby, I'm thinking a tiny house-shape book of love quotes/poems and er, lovey-dovey types of married people stuff.


Dianna said...

So glad you're back...I missed you :( {sniff} I'm sure you were having fun playing with your *babies* !
LOVE your little houses~you crafty little cupid you~I'm lovin' the sparkles.
Going to start "A Deck Of Me" with a group of ladies in a few days-ya wanna? Sure you do! I'll even send you a joke!

Danielle said...

I luv your cottage! I knew there had to be a good reason I bought them after we talked. So Sweet!

Laura said...

Ooooh, that Cupid Cottage is soooooooo cute! And I'm likin' CC instead of Love Shack, cuz yea, B-52's are all over that image but yours is so much daintier and cuter. said...

Loved the list! Yes, yes, lets go shopping next time I am in town, you are too much fun!

Kelleast said...

A day playing in the studio in PJs sounds like the perfect day to me!
Adorable house!

Kim said...

I won't tell you what I think of when I think Love Shack. ;-) LOVE the cottages - they are very you, by the way. I'm glad you waited until after Christmas to work on them. And what (or who), pray tell, is Matthew Mead? Is he related to Daniel Meade on Ugly Betty or is he the king of some crafty kingdom? I need to know. If you're having him spiral bound, I probably need him, too. :-) And welcome back, I missed you, too.

Back Through Time said...

Your blog is always so much fun!! Love your little house, and the pink wings are fab!!
Hope you have a great weekend!

Pearl Maple said...

Got to agree with you on the Christmas special editions of magazines, there is something extra special about what they dream up for Christmas that makes them irresistable.

Your photos and creations for the season have been just as delightful.

Abby said...

Love those little ummm, love shacks! LOL Leave it to you to call them that! :)