Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Putting it all together

I cannot believe that my baby has turned 12. My baby! Girlfriends, I am far too cool to have a freshman in college, a 16 yr old and now a 12 year old. I remember when I was 12, it seemed like all moms were ancient with beehive or Carol Brady flip hairdos who only watched All My Children. All except for my friend Jana's mom, Lonnie. She made us call her Lonnie and she had a Farrah Fawcett do, read trashy novels and wore electric blue eyeliner. Now she was cool. I can't pull off the Farrah do or the eyeliner, but I can read the occasional cover of People magazine while waiting in the checkout line. Does that make me cool? Isn't this girl lovely? And amazing? She's having a sleepever this weekend and the house will be filled with the trill of preteens. Pray for me. And my coolness. Or lack thereof.

I am so jazzed that Dianna has done me the honor of giving me a Spread the Love award! Now, that makes me feel cool! This award is meant to spread blog love to others through support, comments and really all-around blog love. I really cannot state emphatically enough that over the past year that the creativity freely shared in so many blogs has been an endless source of inspiration both creatively and personally. I read them more than I do the daily news. I may not always get the time to comment on every one, but I really try because if you're anything like me, you love to hear from other like-minded people.
In that spirit, I would like to share this award with a few lovely blogger friends:
Retrospection~Danielle, who is very much my Sister from another Mister. It's spooky how we do the same things. Woooooooo
Too Much Stuff~Kim, an antiquing, scrapping, wine-loving wunderkind who is far more talented than she realizes.
Laura~Extremely talented in both digital and paper. Her digital Christmas journal was amazing!
Kelly~ Finally stretching those blogging wings! I used to work with Kelly at our LSS and I knew when we worked together, it would be an awesome day.
True Confessions of a World Traveler~Amy, who is now on a plane for Budapest where she is spending the semester. She is one of many who is always welcome at our house and she thinks I'm cool! I am excited for her and jealous of her! What an adventure! This is her new Budapest blog. I told her I want photos, fashions, colors, light. She's a fantastic photographer. Can't wait to experience this incredible part of the world as seen through her eyes.

And Dianna who gave me this most awesome award is also the hostess with the mostest on the Deck of Me project I'm doing this year. Each week, she sends the group a prompt and we are to create a card inspired by that prompt. I love that it's low-pressure. If I want to do a 20 minute card that's great. If the prompt leads me to spend several hours on it, that's great too. And the group is filled with many, many women who have incredibly diverse interpretations of each prompt.

Here's one of my cards to give you a glimpse into the group and there is a Flickr site as well: Flickr: *A Deck Of Me~2008*


Kim said...

Awwwwww shucks! (blush) You are so sweet. And you put me in company with some pretty awesome folks. Thank you! I love the "wunderkind" because it makes me sound fabulous and YOUNG. Double double thank you!

jennifer said...

Ms Casi you do NOT look old enough to have kids of these ages in your blog photo. Guess that's why you chose it, Huh?

Sandra Evertson said...

Love the collage works!
Sandra Evertson

Kelleast said...

Thanks, Casii - that was so sweet of you. The days I worked with you at the LSS were always my favorites, too. Oh - and thanks for inspiring me to blog. You rock!

Dianna said...

You are a:

...even without the blue eyeliner!

I am officially corny.

Laura said...

You are THE coolest mom! How do I know, cuz I'm the world's most uncoolest, so I should know. *lol* But you do look fabulous and I can't imagine your baby being 12.

And thanks for the sweet comments, you made my day, and considering the last few days I've had - I'm much's been bad around here! Thanks sweetie!