Wednesday, April 30, 2008

This one's for Kevin

Because he chided me for not blogging in a month. : )
I've come to realize that time management is not my bag. Not by a long stretch. I have the best of intentions, but I don't function well by the clock for long stretches of time. If I go back and look at my blog, my posting rate went way down when I started a regular exercise program. Don't laugh. Yes, I've been exercising. Anyone who laughs better watch out because there's better than a good chance that I'm now fit enough to kick your butt.

A couple of weeks ago, I joined a 90 day Summer Challenge called "Murder", an appropriate name. This morning, I've already worked out for about 100 minutes. Not bragging, but I have a small measure of well-earned pride I hope. The major time commitment to my health combine with recovery and shower time takes up a lot of my time, so then I feel 'entitled' to kick back and relax for a while and this is where the time management concept flies out the window....

The well-intentioned list starts to get mentally edited until my only task for the day that absolutely must be completed is something simple like brushing the dog. Oh, I get a lot more done, but the first couple of hours after an intense fitness session are something of a time to regroup. During this time, you may find me flipping through a magazine, reading a book on the porch swing, playing with the dog or doodling art plans in my dream journal.

What else have I been doing while trying to get ripped (Oh I know the 6-pack is under the chub somewhere!)?

~Just got back from NC and the fabulous Inspired art weekend! So laid back and creatively driven. Plus we chowed down on some fab NC BBQ which I never pass up.

~My oldest turned 19. Dudes, I ain't that old. I don't feel more than 19 myself most days. He's doing his own tax returns, has a girlfriend (yikes!) and is finishing up his freshmen year at college next week.

As a side note, the US Postal Service has issued a postcard stamp for a limited time to honor his school's Bi-Centennial. It goes on sale nationwide May 12 and I can point out his dorm room in the photo! Here's an image:
Mount St. Mary's University Stamped Card - 2008 United States Stamp Program Im

~Track season is well underway and both girls are doing great. The youngest has quite the gift for the long jump. Probably from years of eluding her siblings.

~My sis and I went to see Hairspray at the Warner Theater is DC last weekend. Before and after the show, we were thoroughly spoiled by the 2 waiters who took care of us at Old Ebbitt Grill. I loved the show. It was my 2nd time for Hairspray, but I had forgotten so much and the chick who played Tracy Turnblad was amazing. I love the Warner; so old and grand and intimate. What I love, also hate, because intimacy during the show translates into a crush of bodies during intermission as we all rush to the ladies and bombard the concession booth. For a few seconds I was intimately acquainted with a very petite Asian lady who never wants to have her head stuck under my armpit again. Sis and I had a great night just hanging out with each other. Hey K, let's do it again soon, eh?

~Speaking of, her birthday is today. Happy Birthday! I remember having to share a room with your newborn self and you wailing like the damned in the middle of the night. I still love you despite all that, so there!

~I've been playing in the studio. A lot of lay that doesn't end in a project, but results in more sketches, ideas, lists, lightbulb moments. There are a few things I have complete, so it's not a total day spent playing. I got request from 2 of my daughter's friends to make them altered journals for their birthday presents. One I don't have a photo of and I wish I did; total skull, pink, bling funfest. The other is way more girly to suit the receiver. Hunting down photo...

I should've corrected the lighting and cropped it for ya, but that time management thing might go off the rails again.

~The daffodils have come and gone. The lilacs are blooming up a storm now. We have some lilac bushes that I planted as little 6 inch twigs I got at the Philadelphia Flower Show the year after we moved into this house. They are now taller than any of us and absolutely breathtaking. The roses should be blooming by Mother's Day. We have a mother robin who has built her nest on the railing of our porch where she is hidden by the Zephirine Droughin rose vines. Three vibrant blue eggs are warming with her care and we can't wait for babies! (pics of that soon)


TJ said...

No Way! I absolutely refuse to believe you have a 19 year old! You had him when you were 10 right?

I'd give you time management tips, but I'm terrible at it! Love that you are working out so much. I so need to get back on track. My pants are getting too tight, and my capris don't even fit now!

Amy said...

Hey you! glad you're back, just wondering when I'll be recieving your ATC's for the swap they were due yesterday.

jennifer said...

Saw Hairspray in Memphis and LOVED it! We met the guy who played Link Larkin (Constantine Rousoulli) on Beale Street. FAB memories!

Glad to see you 'a posting!


Dianna said...

Congrats on your workouts...sounds like you're doing awesome....busy, but awesome.
We've missed ya Lady*!*

LOVE that journal :)

Valita said...

You have had a lot going on. WOW! I need to start working out. Wish I could say that was my excuse for not posting in a while.

Amy said...

got your ATC's they are awesome and thanks so much for my gifts...really fun stuff!!