Tuesday, June 10, 2008

It's a weird world folks

I kid you not.

I saw an ad on television promoting Peed Plumbing. Look them up next time your pipes are plugged. Not only can I not imagine growing up with the last name of Peed, but to have your family be in the plumbing business? I think I'd be changing my name to something less, um, urine-like. Perhaps, Brown? Well, maybe not, I guess someone could read something into Brown Plumbing too.

And here's a product you just can't live without: Bacon Salt - Everything should taste like bacon. Here's the kicker: It's kosher. If you eat kosher, you shouldn't know what bacon tastes like, but apparently, if you have a jonesing for a little bacon flavor, this is just the ticket. I'm totally into turkey bacon myself, but if I ever see this stuff in the store, you can bet I'll probably try it out.

Yesterday I did Day 1 of Week 4 for Couch to 5K. I thought I started early enough to avoid the worst heat. The rotation was lengthy, so I wrote it on my hand because I thought I might look like I was consulting Running For Dummies (isn't that what I'm really doing?) if I carried a print-out.
It. Was. Wicked. Hot. AND Humid. The last 5 minute jog was torture. Torture! I did it though. Even when the 2 walking ladies took umbrage at being asked to let me pass left, I kept on going like the Rayovac bunny (cause I most certainly wasn't Energized by then).
I've figured out that I'll either have to get up before the sun rises. (1) Or buy a treadmill to keep this Cruisaziness (2) up with the intense heat we've been suffering through. In the meantime, if you see a chick passed out on the side of the road wearing trainers and a pink camo hat, please take me home and give me candy. I deserve candy!

(1) Oh yeah, I am so NOT a morning person. If this happens, expect the Hell to freeze over and children to start doing their chores without complaining and without being asked. Snort!
(2) That pesky consideration issue in my marriage. I'm pretty sure treadmills cost over $100 which means I won't be getting one anytime soon since the hubby thinks the outdoors is Nature's Perfect Treadmill. For those who don't know, Cruisazy is what some people say when something or someone is spectacularly crazy as in Tom Cruise gone all crazy. Hence Cruisazy = running in this oppressive heat.


TJ said...

I saw the ad for Bacon Salt and thought it was a joke! How gross is that? I like bacon, but not that much.

Yardsale for the treadmill! I found mine for $50. It's in excellent shape, and it was my 2nd cousins so I didn't try to bargain with her over the price.

Take care in the heat, and send some my way.

Dianna said...

You don't have to be passed out on the side of the road for me to give you candy...

And YES you deserve it...way to go my Cruisazy Sista*!*

jennifer said...

Go Cassi Go! I just may get healthy one day too! Lord, I hope so.

The bacon salt sounds NASTY.

Be blessed.