Monday, June 2, 2008

Looking for your dream job

And love chocolate? Possibly more than your significant other and preteen? Or quelle surprise ~ art supplies, flea markets and a retirement community yard sale?

Look no further than this: DOVE Chocolate at Home®

Imagine life surrounded by lovely, delectable chocolate and getting paid for it?!?
I'd be half-tempted to try it if I weren't more than sure that I would eat my own inventory in no time flat. If you, however, were to start this up or host a show, I'm sure I could throw some business your way as long you throw some chocolate my way!

~Week 3 of Couch to 5K kicks off tonight at my daughter's track practice. My knees are already quaking with fear. Or that might've been because I already did a workout this morning. Wish me luck as I get smoked on the track by 4 year olds wearing flipflops and shorts they have to hold up with one hand while toddling past or they'd moon everyone.

~We have another bird nest. This time in our cherry tree! It's big. Not a robin. Momma bird is stealthy and we haven't had a good look at her yet.

~My daughter who obviously leeched the remainder of any athletic skills I had whilst in utero, long-jumped 13ft 4.5 inches on Saturday! The kid can fly. I, on the other hand, hobble.

~We have new neighbors who are renting the house behind us. First thing they did was hammer a No Tresspassing sign on the porch post. Wow, how neighborly of them. I'm fighting the urge to go over there anyway with a lime gelatin-shredded carrot mold just to see their reaction to both the hideousness that would be the gelatin mold and my perky smile on their porch steps. Pray that my naughty tendencies can be repressed and they realize that really, we aren't out to inundate them with molds, cookies, brownies and broccoli casseroles. I make no promises however about NOT leaving bags of produce on their porch once the tomatoes start to crowd my kitchen later this summer. I guess I could just turn the tomatoes into a Tomato Aspic (blech!)?


Danielle said...


I did read what that woman's DH did to her Dove chocolates on 2Peas. Sounds like something mine would aspire to.


Valita said...

A chocolate party sounds fun, but Iam notsure I could handle having chocolate in my house to sale and not eat.

Kim said...

Honey, I can just SEE you with that lime gelatin and a wicked smile. I say GO for it - anyone who would put up a no trespassing sign on their front porch deserves whatever they get. Even tomato aspic. On a more sober note, makes you wonder what they're up to, though. I hope they are just antisocial and not doing anything nefarious. If they park a big U-haul in the yard, call the police - the last thing you need is a meth lab explosion and a fire.

Dianna said...

Invite them over for a chocolate party. If they refuse, you KNOW something is up. Who in their right mind would refuse that?