Monday, February 9, 2009

Hair Apparent

Kim at Scraps of Life won the No Frizz goodie and loads of other samples I'm tossing in this little box, so Kim, send me your snail mail addy and I'll get this in the post to you ASAP!

I had hoped to post that on Saturday night, but a sinus infection meant looking at a computer screen for more than 15 seconds added hours to my misery. Almost a month ago, I caught what I thought was a vicious cold, got a lot better and it came back with a vengeance late last week. It felt like my head was trying to leave the host body. If funky colored body fluids amounted to weight loss, I would've been shopping in the tween stores at the mall last week. That's how horrid it was! Turns out it was an infection that was probably exacerbated by our weather which can't decide to be deep, dark winter or balmy springtime. Perhaps my head will at last decide the host body isn't all that freaky and stay put for a while now.

While I was in the midst of working and being sick and school lockdowns, I got the sweetest package from my Year Of Color swap partner. I've got to take a few photos for show and tell. She made a collage for me that is heartbreakingly lovely. I was truly spoiled! Can't wait to show it off.


TJ said...

Hope you are feeling better! I'm still getting over my sinus infection. And of course the lovely antibiotics cause other issues... enough said there.

Rosemary said...

Sorry you have been sick - I understand and can empathize. The weather around here has been absolutely crazy! Hope you are well on the mend.

Sherri S said...

Sorry ya been feeling kinda UNDER the weather! It's been cold then warm here and spring like today. I found some cute things this weekend between the flea market and the antique mall. A whole $12 spent and tons of little things. Including doilies and some lace!

robin dudley-howes said...

Love your music selection and blog!

Back Through Time said...

hope you are feeling better!!! And I am glad the school lockdown is over. That had to be super scary for you.
Get back to your perky self soon!
Hugs~~I take that hug back, I don't want your cooties, lol!
Raincheck hug;-)

Kim said...

wow, thanks Casii!
I hope you are feeling better!!