Tuesday, June 23, 2009

And so begins a new beginning

I won't apologize for being busy because it's been with celebrating a new graduate and she is worth the time. We were so happy for her; no tears here and none from her either. Her face had a gorgeous smile on it the entire time as did ours.

And this past weekend she attended her Freshman Orientation at her new school, Mount St. Mary's ~the same school her older brother attends. (see the 2 Mounties below!) She and several hundred other Freshmen went in nervously, but by the end of the weekend, she had already found several new best friends and lined up 2 roomies for the Fall semester. While I'm an introvert, she's a social butterfly. I already predict her becoming active in about a zillion clubs, causes and crews.

Tomorrow, we leave for the Creation Festival in Mount Union, PA if the antibiotics start to kick in from whatever she picked up at orientation.

Be back on Sunday to take a breather, catch up on some serious blog love and hopefully have some time to sequester myself to just create.


Rosemary said...

Aw, she looks so sweet with her older brother! Congrats on all this good stuff happening!

I need to get together with you and give you a box of blog candy WAAAYYYY overdue (but you know the circumstances).

jennifer said...

Congratulations to your beautiful daughter! Best of luck to her in college.

(you are so strong Casii - I'd be a blubbering idiot)

TJ said...

Have a wonderful time! Good for you on enjoying the time with your new graduate. That's the important stuff!

Thanks for the prayers for my boys! I'm happy to report that things are looking good!

Jana said...

Congrats to you. How cool that they will be at the same school. They are both good looking kids.