Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Whooooo goes there?

I've had these packages of reproduction Beistle Halloween decorations for a looooooong time. They so neatly stack within the already enormous pile of Halloween postcards, papers, cards, etc that store within a special Halloween bin. And for the past couple of years I keep thinking to myself "Self, those repro Beistle decs would be fun to alter a little bit. Give 'em some oomph, some pizzazz and more importantly, some glitter."
Unfortunately the dark, rainy weather is making for a subpar photograph, but the idea is still there I hope. I started with a basic light cardstock weight owl Halloween decoration. Applied glitters & Ranger stickles liberally to the eyes, moon, branch and various highlight points.
Wait to dry. Eat some of the Halloween candy I'm supposed to be saving for Saturday.
Dedice that's not enough glitter, so choose more highlight points.
Wait to dry. KitKats are toast.
I took a little black glittered star, wired it and threaded it through the owl's perch. Darn, no candy break here. So, I gathered a length of crepe paper and attached it to the back to form a collar for my owl. There's glue there, right?
So, wait to dry. I'd hate to be allergic to peanuts because Reeses are straight from heaven.
Last step is to make a little Trick or Treat banner by cutting it, glittering it and attaching to my owl. Yes, more drying glue!
Wait to dry. Um, must run to store for more Halloween candy, but at least the owl looks good! If I had more candy, I might tackle another sign, but as it is, my waistline, nor my pocketbook needs more repeat episodes. For this year at least. There's always next H-Owl-oween!


Janelle said...

Ha! I am putting off buying Halloween candy for that very reason! The owl looks great!

Jana said...

Very cool owl. Love the blingyness you gave him. What candy???? I didn't see any candy.

Rosemary said...

This is so cool! I love it! Just enough oomph!

The only thing better than Reese's Cups are.....well are there any things better than Reese's?

Kim said...

Love the owl and love that you ate the candy. I didn't get a chance here, the "boys" got to it before me. All the better for my hips, but I was WANTING some of those Twix! I'm also very very happy to see you crafting.