Friday, November 12, 2010

Opus Gluei, the Gratitude Edition

I hope Rosemary and Jana haven't kicked me off the rolls for Opus Gluei. I know I've been a bad artist. Having my entire studio flooded and torn apart for months really threw me into an art funk (in a bad way). It's still not completely put together, but I had to get in there and do what I could to pull a Tim Gunn (make it work). (And I will digress here and say this about Project Runway: Mondo got robbed. Humph.)

Then, to just totally throw me for a loop, my trusty camera went kaput. It began putting out images that looked like negatives from the film reel for the original Excorcist. I don't care what Tim Gunn says, I could not make that work at all. I frittered away for months using only my camera phone to capture shaky images.

When dear hubby and I were about to leave for vacation, I stomped my little feet (or long, wide, plantar fascitis plagued feet) and announced via text message whilst at Costco, that I WAS getting a camera before the trip. Remind me of my behavior next time one of my teens gives me attitude. Who was going to believe I was viewing lava if I didn't have the proof? (Uh and I still don't have proof. They wouldn't let us that close to the lava. But I do have a 'Beach closed. Shark sighting.' photo!)

So folks, I hope this means I'm back in the business of creating and occasionally participating in some Opus Gluei fun!
Their latest challenge was Attitude of Gratitude. Someone recently went above and beyond for me, so I wanted to give her a little somethin' somethin'. She loves herself some good chocolate. That can be had from the store, but it needed some presentation, some panache, a little something extra. I pulled from the gorgeous fall palette for color inspiration and glued a lush Prima flower that I'd been waiting for the perfect project to use it because it was THAT special to a golden organza bag.
For a card, I did several scalloped circles held together by ball chain embellished with a glass leaf charm, a silver letter charm and some vintage seam binding. Then those teensie circle letters from Jenni Bowlin nestled into the little scalloped to spell 'Grateful'. I wrote her a note of thanks upon the circles and will be giving it to her this weekend. Since she never reads blogs, I think I'm safe in showing it here in advance. I hope!


Rosemary said...

Oh Casii, my heart went whoopie when I saw you had entered our challenge. OG Poobahs NEVER get rid of greenhorns, we love our participants and understand how life goes. I'm just so sorry that you've had these challenges. I had a dry craft room, you need to come play (as long as you promise to ignore the clutter and dust bunnies - no photos of them either - lol)

You write the most amazing, witty blog posts - always a treat to read.

I think you deserved a new camera (I'm stomping my big ol' feet for you too)

Oh, and by the way - marvelous project (haha, thought I'd leave a comment and forget about the challenge - no way) Not only is it wonderfully creative but beautiful and she's going to love it (and it has chocolate - what ISN'T to love?)

Okay, enough of the novella, you know I love ya! BTW Mondo was robbed, Tim Gunn is AMAZING and WONDERFUL, and Wretchen shouldn't have won. (stepping daintily off the reinforced soapbox)

Tracy said...

This is beautiful. I love that you added the tiny letters in the scallops.

jennifer said...

Now that is just lovely. And YAY I am SO happy to read a post from you! Girl I miss you when you are away from Blogland. You brought me a big dose of happy this morning.

Jana said...

Oh, dear, you need to cross your arms when you stomp your feet. Much more effective that way. LOL. You are NEVER kicked to the curb by the OPUS GLUEI Poobahs. Life happens. So do "dry" spells. We totally "get it".

Your thank you gift is A-MAZ-ING!!! Everything about it is perfect: wonderful colors, fabby textures, pretty embellies. A true work of art.

Thanks for playing with us. I am pretty sure that your Mojo has returned...