Saturday, November 27, 2010

Opus Gluei Challenge

Yeah, I managed to squeak in another Opus Gluei challenge this weekend! I probably went off the color palette a bit by throwing a blue in there, but when it feels so right, how can it be wrong? :) I pulled from MME, Heidi Swapp, 7 Gypsies, Ranger, Basic Grey and Target $ Spot for this one. It's not too complicated, but it is cute (I hope).

How was everyone's Thanksgiving? Wonderful I hope! Now on to....

Christmas Crazy!

Ok, if you've been here before you know I get totally geeked out over Christmas. I'm insufferable really. To that end, I have put the Christmas playlist back up on the bottom of the blog. If you don't like it, mute it. If you do, turn up the dial and sing along!

And, I'm losing sleep in the name of merriment. As in Making Merry! A couple of friends and I are getting together for a little holiday experiment. If it works out, we may expand it to other holidays as well. As it is, I'm can't wait to share my project with them; a little vintage chic with a bit of a nod towards Steampunk style (Loved that Steampunk storyline on Castle a couple of months ago!)

Time to get back to decking some halls...


Jana said...

This is so cool. I love, love, love the butterfly you made. Very clever. I'm pretty sure that the Poobah's are not going to mind the additional blue in your design. We're all about creative interpretation. Love that you are playing with us again at OPUS GLUEI.

Rosemary said...

I LOVE YOUR PLAYLIST and look forward to hearing it! I am also so excited about making merry!!!! I'm planning on the ENTIRE day devoted to nothing but fun and creativity. In fact, trying to talk Jana into a trip up North should you decide a romantic Valentine's themed day is planned!

Oh, yes, about your Opus Gluei submittal (LOL). I love it, it's very sweet and what are you talking about the colors - of course it is right! It's a treat when you make an Opus Gluei project!

Now I'm keeping your playlist on and just heard Ella singing about Santa getting stuck in her chimney and now Dino is crooning (how'd you know I LOVE/LURVE/LOOOOOOOVEE Dean Martin???? (INSERT MANY HAPPY FACE ICONS ALL OVER)