Thursday, December 2, 2010

We Need A Little (Smaller) Christmas

right this very minute...

My poor husband. After years of careful training on my part, he has finally learned to fully embrace that Clark Griswald Christmas spirit while his wife is beginning to recite 'edit, edit, edit' in her head.

What does this mean? While Tim is wandering around the attic and trying to hand me every single Christmas thing we own (and it's a lot), I'm yelling up "Not this year." Hence the grumbling and muttering from up above as he tells the rejected items they are going to the cast-off corner.

I'm not getting rid of anything, but I have been trying to pull back, refocus and refresh our decorations for the season...without buying anything new unless it's living like wreaths or swags. My BFFs might faint dead away when they read this that has been typed by my own two hands: There can be too much of a good thing. (Thud heard in MA, I know)

Instead of putting out every single snowman I own, just a few came out to play this year. Instead of spreading out our Christmas trees into several areas, I grouped them in a miniature forest.
I like it. It's not the heavenly displays from Anthropologie or Kate's Paperie, but it though it's all old stuff.
I did give in to dressing up the chandeliers a bit.

And Sozo kitty was overjoyed to see her annual December napping spot return again. The minute that tree skirt went down, I swear she was sprawled out on it in less than a minute.
Tim will thank me for all that editing later when he's not carrying all that stuff back up to the attic. ;)


Jana said...

WOW. We are on the same mental wave this week. I have been editing our decorations in my head. We pull them out tomorrow, and it just won't be "all-out" this year for us either. Hmmmm.
Love your forest. Looks so very festive. Especially with that adorable little forest critter.

Paper Bagley said...

Excellent, Grand looking! I have not had a tree for 20 changes to say the least. When I do I will keep your art in mind. Thanks for the look see, Tootsie

Wingnut said...

Okay, the last comment/picture with the cat had me *cracking up* and laughing out loud!! I'm the opposite of you. I have to make myself put out decorations. All I can think of his how come the first week of January, I have to put it all away again.

Then I cry.

Danielle said...

You might be surprised that I too like to "edit" the holidays. One tree is enough for me. I tend to feel so out of sorts with too many decorations.

That said, I just love your vintage ball wreath.... gots to get me one!

Your Sistah