Saturday, December 4, 2010

The Circle o'Vintage

My old house has something that often foils my attempts to hang things on walls: loads of windows and plaster. I am determined that this beauty IS going up this year rather than languishing in obscurity. I may be scaling back, but I still love the shiny (oooh, shiny). Sweet angel on her cloud...Love this bell! Full of vintage love. It will go up. I may crack some plaster, but it's one of my projects for the day. And I carved out some time to play with Opus Gluei for their current "Getting Frosted" challenge. It was like carved out while watching Jimmy Fallon late at night carved out, but I was having too much fun for sleep.

When I make stuff purely from old stash I start to feel bad about shopping for new goodies.
I mean, really, really guilty bad.
For about a minute.
And then I'm over it. :)
But, I do quite love pulling together a project from old stash and creating something new.
This wintery, frosty card uses old Heidi Swapp, Ranger, Martha Stewart, Making Memories, Basic Grey, vintage flowers and I used vintage tinsel to make a nest. If you figure out how to removed my camera covered face from the reflection, let me know. I'm not fluent in Photoshop, so it'll stay there for now. ;)


Heidi said...

That is a YUMMY wreath! totally worth cracked plaster. :) Did you make it? Every year I swear I'm going to make one of those.

Rosemary said...

I am so glad your carved out the time to participate in our OG challenge! This looks like you were having fun putting it together - I love the use of your stash and that vintage tinsel is a great element! I think it is cute to see you reflected in it as you photographed, a nice metaphor for getting into your creativity!

Now, about that gorgeous wreath - I'm being very un-Christian as I covet it BUNCHES. That is beautiful, full of so many gorgeous pieces. Don't put a hole in your wall if you don't want to but get some of the heavy duty 3M hooks. They can be covered up AND hold a lot more than they used to, they have them for pictures weighing over 10 lbs. I can't wait to see this in person!

Tracy said...

Your card is so pretty. My goal is to not buy any new paper for my Christmas cards and crafts, so far, so good. But you should see my stash, LOL.
Now for your wreath, which is totally beautiful, I would try those 3M hooks. You stick them to the wall then when you want it down just pull on the tab and it comes off easy peasy.
I use them all over my home.

Amy said...

Oh wow! Love love love this! I'm so glad you're back! I missed you!