Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Fabulous Fifteen!

Oh wow! Just. Wow.

My baby is turning fifteen this Saturday. She was a blizzard baby, born right after the crazy blizzard we had in 1996. I remember my neighbor, who was a firefighter, freaking out when he saw me shoveling snow. I was ready for her to ARRIVE.

He very kindly offered to help me deliver her should I go into spontaneous labor. I think after I picked my jaw up off the floor, I thanked him and said something to the effect of "I will walk to the ER in snowshoes before you deliver this child because no way would I ever be able to look you in the eye again."

Fortunately all the roads were cleared of snow and the skies were full of stars on the night she came into this world. When I remember the night of her birthday I always think of this line by Shakespeare, "There was a star danced and under that I was born."
And she is a star. Happy Birthday Baby Girl! (I made this very girly card for her. She's starting to actually like bling-bling, so I'm milking that for all it's worth!) So much glitter on here. And rhinestones, pearls, Glimmer Mist, paper lace, old tulle, vintage seam binding, etc. It's an homage to a young lady who is growing up on me, but it still very playful at heart.


Rosemary said...

What child wouldn't like to have SUCH a beautiful quote assigned to their birth? This is a wonderful post and I love the card, she will too!!!!

jennifer said...

Happy birthday to your sweet daughter! 15 is a big one! My oldest will be fifteen in March and I know that our days are numbered - she is on the verge of adulthood. What will we do when they are completely grown and on their own? We will have to be there for each other!! Meanwhile, let's enjoy our girls.

Again, HaPpY BiRtHdAy!!!!

Anonymous said...

I love the way you express yourself. The card is beautiful and the picture of her is amazing. I can see the love that you have for her.

kelly said...

What nice memories of such a happy time. Hope she enjoyed her day.


Jana said...

Happy Labor Day to you! And Happy Birthday to your daughter. 15 and full of bling. I hope she has a terrific day.

The card you made for her is perfect.