Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Operation Mistletoe, off the rails!

Shopping done. Check.

Gifts for out of town relatives wrapped. Check

Packages sent. Check. (bless hubby and his willingness to stand on line)

Cards send. Um, some, but not all. Not check. Not even hat check. (the small eensie weensie check I have are these very few cards I made for a very few fellow artsy types; I even sacrificed some vintage lace and sheet music. a painful, but satisfying creative process)

All handcrafted gifts done, wrapped and delivered. Not. Even. Close. (cue Twilight Zone music cause this is where I'm at right now)

Am I worried, frazzled, freaked? Not yet. But I'm out of Cadbury Mini Ornaments, so if you see me at 2 a.m. at the gas station buying up all of their overpriced Christmas candy, you know the melt down is near. But hey, why are YOU at the gas station at 2 a.m. in the morning young lady? Hmmmm?

(I'm not finished decorating either, bwahahahaha)

But, I did make a bit of time for some vintage loveliness....

I love old glass refrigerator dishes. Not only do we actually use them as refrigerator dishes in this house, they are perfect in my studio to hold cards, embellishments, piles of lace and all manner of whatnot. I snagged this one for so cheap, it'd make you want to slap your 7th grade science teacher.

My love affair with Putz houses began a few years ago when I won one in an auction and decided to read up on them. This little pink one joined the vintage village last week. (I also brake for brush trees, num, num, yum)

I saw 2 tiny blue suitcases perfect for a weekend at Nana's. Opened them up and nearly fainted with delight at the lining. Squeals of joy! Then hastily shutting them in an attempt to deflect interest or attention from other shoppers.

Can't get to Nana's for Christmas, but I can use them in the meantime to show off some pretty little boxes of Shiny Brites!
And because I can breath a sigh of relief that all the packages are in the mail, I giggle to myself when I think about how I taped those suckers shut. I wish I could buy a case of TINSEL TAPE. It is fun on a roll. And think of the possible uses for art projects. Oooooh! Good stuff!

For a bazillion gift ideas, art projects and freebie downloads, check out: One Pretty Thing I love the Procrastinate Now, Panic Later spoof card download!


tina said...

Oooooooo, I'm drooling over here. What do I have to do for you to snag one of those trees & suitcases? ;)

I love your cards, Casii, they're so pretty!!! The paper is beautiful!

Anna Willett said...

i am so not done either! it is nice to know i am not alone! i love the suitcases! and the fridge glass is one of my faves too! cute, cute, cute!!

jillconyers said...

I'm pretty much done! Now just sit back and look forward to my 2 weeks off starting this Fri. Love the blue suitcases...and your Christmas tunes :)

tina said...


When you get a chance, will you email me? quinatas@hotmail.com I know it will be hard to tear yourself away from those yummy brush trees ;)

Heidi Smith said...

that tinsel tape is awesome LOL! I have some NEW refridgerator glass that I really love using. have had it for about 5 years or so. I'd love some of the vintage stuff though. I have a few pieces of green and pink depresion glass tea/lucheon sets it would look nice with ;)

love your ornament collection!

Amy said...

We would so thrift store junkie together if we lived anywhere near each other...we would totally be buds...and we're moving to Washington DC...so where are you???
and now it's my turn...you have my address for that cutest vintagey card with sacrificed lace, right?? right???

Dianna said...

Love the houses and suitcases...yum*!*

I SWEAR I haven't forgotten about your package...I can't just send you a *blah* ole parcel can I?...well NOOOOO....

Rosemary said...

I love seeing all your finds - I think the suitcases are my favorite this time. Oh, and do say hello when you're at the convenience store at 2 a.m. because I'll be the lady trying to find some tape!

Back Through Time said...

OH I love those suitcases and Shiny Brites are the best!!
If I don't get my shopping done soon maybe I will see you at that gas station, lol!
Have very Merry Christmas!!!

Janelle said...

Oh, the card! The card! Just gorgeous!

I picked up a couple of small old ratty suitcases (what my MIL calls train cases) at my grandparents' estate sale, and I want to cover them with vintage papers and give them a nice new lining. Your suitcase is inspiring me! But it will have to wait till the New Year--too much to do right now.

Your Shiny Brites and your green fridge dish make me think that you and I would have a lot of fun thrifting together--if we didn't end up wrestling over all the stuff we both wanted!

Kelly said...

Love the card - it's even more gorgeous in person. Thanks, friend! Hope to see you soon.

jennifer said...

Oh my gosh, I am DROOLING over all of your goodies. DROOLING I tell you. Love the green refriderator glass. And I could totally belt Mrs. Pendleton to have it. Not a problem.

I got your card in the mail today!! Lady you put a LOT of work into that folded piece of paper loveliness! GORGEOUS!

Merry Christmas Casii.