Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Little packages

Finally, at the end of January, Mother Nature has decided to bless us with snow. Not a lot, but a little. At this point, my girls will take the school day even for an embarrassing few inches. This is my first experience driving in it with Lucy Bug. She hates taking off in 1st on a hill with the snow. We had a little fish tail excitement this morning which is more than enough to last me the rest of winter. From now on, unless someone in my family is bleeding from a headwound that won't be fixed up with a butterfly bandage, we're staying home for snow days too! (or stealing the Jeep back from my daughter)

I've been having some stolen moments creating what I hope will be a few small joys for my swap partner from the Year of Color blog. A few peeks for her that surely won't give too much away...

And yet a few more moments having fun putting little packages together for a few ladies going to the Inspired Artist Workshop. I hope these little send-offs can put a smile on their face!


Aphra said...

i had no idea what granny panty chic was until i visited your blog, such a fun, happy place...just LOVE it

TJ said...

That's called snow where you live? That's nothing up here in WA


Glad you got around safely! Your projects look lovely.

Anna Willett said...

what cute goodies!! your bug is cute too. i actually had one exactly like it. weird, huh? you are so creative! enjoy the snow. we have been praying for some!!

Sherri S said...

Oouuuuu I love your BUG! Glad ya made it safely around in that huge snow drift. *giggles*
Your projects are adorable!

Anonymous said...

Love the vintagey surprises you're sending off. They look great. Shuddering at the snow though. Snow is disgusting (and we have more of it here. eww. keep the blinds closed)

..tina.. said...


If that's your car, I'm going to just die! Literally, that is my dream mobile after the kids are grown!

I'm going to have to check out that website, those goodies are too yummy!

Your cards are going out today. Promise.


Anonymous said...

what a cutie blog you have, LOVE your vintagey style!

Back Through Time said...

You crack me up with "all" your snow! I got plowed in and had to kick in the 4wheel drive to get out. Your cute little car would have been buried. Stay in and stay save! I stay in a lot of the winter, no commute for work means I haven't bought gas since Christmas Day, LOL
Have a fun weekend!

Lisa said...

Oh...so excited for our swap...perhaps I'll post a peak before I ship! Love the bug. My first car was an old 1968 red bug.

Anonymous said...

Well, Hi Passing Time! Thank you for your nice comments on A Year of Color when you checked out my flickr pics!
It was sweet of you to take the time.

I just peeked at your flick stream and think you have the happiest sense of humor in your words, colors and choices of materials in your art! Such whimsy! It made me smile! Anyone can tell you're young at heart.

See you on A World of Color!

milkcan said...

Definitely put a smile one my face! Lucky ladies!

Emily B said...

I just received the FABULOUS goodies!! I couldn't figure out what I did to deserve it. Thank you SO much - they're simply lovely - I'm drooling! You rock.