Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The one where she turns 13

This little one who still asks to be tucked in from time to time is turning thirteen tomorrow. Yikes, my last teenager! She has no idea what she's getting from us for her birthday and the arrival of envelopes and packages from relatives is turning her into a Nervous Nellie. I imagine by tomorrow morning, we won't be able hold off the present melee for long. The will of the Birthday Queen must prevail. Happy Birthday Baby! I'm so glad God loaned one of his angels to me!

Neither of my daughters are girly girls. You won't find pink in the list of their top three colors. This has led to frustration on both our parts. As soon as they could object, I could no longer dress them up in pastel florals and they had to grow up in a home that is largely swathed in a soft wash palette. We have rubbed off on each other though and I've come to enjoy brighter colors at home and in my art while they have been caught on the rare occasion wearing pink; sometimes even donning jewelry!

Still, when I'm in my little studio, I am drawn to my comfort level colors of creams, pinks, blues and greens. This won't do for a bright color loving teen who is drawn to strong oranges, blues, greens and reds. Sometimes I have to remember when I'm creating something that if I'm making it for someone else, I should keep their style in mind rather than my own. Easier said than done. Did I fail because I still ended up using lace? Even if it's bright orange lace?
After working with that bright set of colors, I was still in a bright zone and needed to put together a new notebook for the year. I know I've said I hate lists, but I do like doodling sketches for card ideas, clip a lot of photos out of magazines and write all journaling (cause I never fail to mess it up on the real thing) or sentiments before I put them on a layout or card. This notebook is where all of that goes. Even though it was pretty flashy in terms of brightness, my favorite colors look good when they're more saturated. Something that certainly makes for a happier Inspiration Journal when we're staring down these dark, bitter cold days of winter. (seriously, who feels creative when it's this flipping FRIGID outside?)

My little notebooks from the other day weren't quite finished. Just a little pop, pop, pop of pink (oh yes, pretty in pink) and a soft exclamation of "Oh dear" and they feel just right now.


..tina.. said...

Your art is perfection!

You hardly look old enough to be mom to a 13 year old :)

TJ said...

I think it looks great, even with orange lace.

I got lucky and have a girly girl. Far more girly than I am actually.

Hope the Birthday is a great one!

ShabbyInTheCity said...

I never met a color I didn't like...or a mixture of them either!
Your daughter is your carbon copy :) HB to her!

Back Through Time said...

Happy Birthday to your cutie! They grow up so fast don't they?:-( It is super cold here too, I hate it! I put a sign on my door that says "Due to the extreme cold INSIDE open by phone calls~it is 48degrees in my store!

Stop by when you have time, I have something for you

Amy said...

Happy Birthday to your sweet girl!! Love all the artwork! We'll be arriving on Feb 4th!!!!

Kim said...

You, pastels? Are you SURE? ;-)

Love the card, too. I think you did very well going for more of her look.

Could you please tell what type of notebook you use for your journals? I love the idea and I need a place for my clippings, notes and "drafts."

milkcan said...

Love the little books! So cute!

jennifer said...

I hope that her big day was good. I will have my FIRST teenager in March. They grow up too quickly don't they?

Love your art!!

Heartinmyhand said...

Happy Bday to your daughter. I love the cover of the Inspiration Journal