Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Paying it forward, awards & a giveaway!

Since Valentine's Day is around the corner and it seems like my little corner of the world is awash in pinks, I think I had pink on the brain when I ordered 2 sets of these Basic Grey chipboard stickers! So, I'm giving the extra set away along with 2 stamps from Glitz Designs. Just leave a comment telling me what you love (or hate) about Valentine's Day and I'll draw a winner on Sunday the 25th. And I have been honored with 2 sweet awards,
Priscila of Casa Bella Chic gave me a Kreativ Blogger award, but you should see her work. She is astounding and full of vintage, altered charm!

As I am surrounded by talented and creative friends, they are all 'Kreative Bloggers', but don't we all like to get a pat on the back to reassure us that we aren't hunched over our work tables because we're stark raving mad? (myself excluded, I AM Cruisazy!)

So here are five people who are not only creative, but live all aspects of their live through an art-filtered lens:
Danielle, Kelly, Tina, Heidi and Becky
Please, when you get the chance, tell them hello and let them know I sent you their way!

I also got this sweet award from Back Through Time: This is what this award entails:
These blogs are exceedingly charming. These kind bloggers aim to be friends. They are not interested in self-aggrandizement. Our hope is that when the ribbon's of these prizes are cut, even more friendships are propagated. Please give more attention to these kind writers. When you pass the award along please include these guidelines. I'm supposed to give the love away to 8 friends!
I don't think I know a single blogger who's left a comment that seeks anything more than to be friendly, but only 8? That's hard! I'll give it a try: Valita, Amy, Dianna, Rosemary, TJ, Jennifer, For the love of vintage..., Trying to Stay Calm!

This past weekend, Chartreuse and Co. we having their monthly tag sale, so Kim and I met in town to drive out there together. First, we should've dressed in long underwear because it was cooooooooooooooooolder than, well, it was cold. I'm just now regaining feeling in my toes. Nothing is heated in their barns or carriage house with the exception of a few space heaters in one barn, but the shopping is worth it! The barn is FULL to the rafters with treasure if you're willing to dig for it, but we were good. I just got 3 old theater poster prints and a vintage choker from here.
From there we went to a couple of local antique malls and came away with a few treasures. Whenever I shop with another artsy person, my shopping is always artsy focused so most everything is something that will be repurposed at some point in time. My favorite finds were the old receipt book and the organizer that looks like an old book. Just cool stuff on the cheap (my favorite kind of stuff!).
For lunch, we hit Frisco's almost exclusively for their Exploded Potatoes. Habit forming potatoes. They are like a loaded potato on crack. Made the mistake of ordering a pizza and not eating very much of it because I was focused solely upon the potatoes when the owner comes by concerned that something was wrong with the food. Couldn't be further from the truth! The pizza was brought home and enjoyed for dinner, but he's got to know that he could sway votes with those potatoes. Yummmm, getting hungry just thinking about them. If you ever want to meet for lunch south of Frederick one day, call me. I'll take you to the source hidden away in an industrial park. It'll be our dirty little secret.


Rachel said...

I love those pink letters! I am the only girl in a house of 4 males... I try to pink it up when I can!
Ok as you asked.. what I hate about V-day... your loved ones should express their love and gratitude for you everyday... not on a day when they feel they are OBLIGATED TO!
I am going to mark your blog to follow it! I love antiques and vintage goodies!

Indigo Wings said...

I love pink too-- and hearts and lacey things. It's a great holiday for decorating and for making beautiful cards. And let me not forget to mention chocolate!

Julie said...

Pink is my favorite color! I love valentines day! I love to spoil those I love with chocolate and all things pink and red that day!

KarenSue said...

what a fun shopping day, I'd love to be able to rummage for treasure like that. what I love about V-day, one word C H O C O L A T E!!

any excuse to munch on the chocolate!

~kellyann~ said...

I hate seeing everyone all lovey dovey- getting flowers, chocolates, cards and jewelry- but me!
My husband is not at all 'romantic' or into Valentine's Day.
Oh well, a girl can't have everything!

jillconyers said...

Love the romance of Valentine's Day!

Congrats on the well deserved awards. Cool finds for repurposing...and cheap too :)

Kim said...

Oh, didn't we have fun! ;-) And those Exploded Potatoes I brought home? Well, let's just say the boys owe me one!

I love Valentine's Day because it's the one day I can get all mushy and give that man of mine a card covered in lace and pink and all manner of things Valentiney, and he LIKES it. Any other time, no.

But don't put me in the drawing, spread the love around!

jennifer said...

Have you ever heard Ella Fitzgerald sing a Duet with the Red Hot Chili Peppers? We'll call it "when playlists collide" :)

Thank you for the award!! I appreciate you thinking of me.

Cool items for repurposing!

jennifer said...

I forget to tell you! I LOVE your header. The Kiss thingys are such a cool idea.

Leah Killian said...

oooh you got good stuff on your outing!

Valentine's Day-

Hate: DH is military and always works, so obligatory love day doesn't ever happen for us in that chocolate, romance, dates and sex way.

LOVE: the year he was deployed and sent me socks and legwarmers- all his buddies were sure he was coming home to divorce papers, but my DH knows his woman lol! I was THRILLED!

I've been dying to try out those roller stamps. . .pick me!

aniheartsjapan said...

I love pink too! There's so many things I love about Valentine's Day... We usually don't spend a lot of $ on candy, flowers, etc, but we make a date and spend time together without the kiddos. That is my favorite thing! I also try to do fun things for the kids and my favorite thing with them is making cards to send to friends and family! :)

TattingChic said...

I love the sweet pinks, reds, and whites of Valentines day! I love hearts and frilly things! It's fun to decorate for the different holidays and Valentines day is not exception! It so fun when you have a sweetheart!

TJ said...

Thanks so much for the award! Sorry it took so long for me to get my rear over here to say so!

Those potatoes sound amazing! Too bad I still have almost 2 hours til lunch time.

Janelle said...

What I love about Valentine's Day: Valentine nookie!

Well, you did ask...:-)

Sherri S said...

Hey Girl! Thanks for dropping by my blog. I updated today with some of the stash I scored at the junk store! And a sneak peek of another score. LOL Gotta keep 'em guessing.
I'm so far behind on scrappin' knowledge I am not familiar with those roller thingie stamps! Ha!
I have a love/hate relationship with Valentines ...love the chocolates ...hate the roll on my hips. ;-)

Wingnut said...

That is some really cool stuff you found! I may have to start hitting antique malls just for the photo ops!

ShabbyInTheCity said...

Cas, I'm belting out Dream a Little Dream!!!!!

Meadowlark Days said...

I love making handmade Valentines. And chocolate, of course!

CoveredInCrafts said...

Oh! Yea I love to enter. I hope you get a chance to enter my giveaway too.

Valentines: I hate the pressure but I LOVE the treats!

wholarmor said...

Have you drawn yet? Can I still enter? If not, I'll still say what I love/hate about Valentine's Day. I love getting cards and dressing up my kids in red for a photo shoot. I hate the commercialism, and as someone mentioned before-people should celebrate their love for each other every day. I think my husband should give me a gift every day we're together. Just kidding. ;)

I hated Valentine's Day when I was single. For obvious reasons.