Monday, April 27, 2009

Great Googly Moogly!

I am an affirmed procrastinator, but even I am ashamed that this blog has been getting dusty. My nose is now all stuffed up from trying to clear out these cobwebs!
My internet issues are mostly solved except for the random times it will just stop completely. Then I stomp, yell, kick the can and throw a fit in general. Never fixes the internet, but it surely does make me feel better to indulge in a temporary tantrum.

I have taken some photos, but have yet to upload them. One is a particularly fun, quick and addictive creative play project! Especially if you bought Easter Egg dye kits on clearance after Easter.

In the meantime, can I tell you that I don't know how, but I have gorgeous, gift children! They didn't get it from me.
My older daughter is getting ready to graduate from high school in several weeks. Of course, that means major household projects (this time an upstairs bathroom). It's the price of living in an old home: endless labors of love. Also, major reorganization and planning. The Senior graduation machine is already running at high speed. We have a whole calendar of events and dates sent from the school.

This past weekend was Prom. Ah, my baby is gor-gee-ous! Seriously, I should've just locked her up at 13, right?
This is the younger daughter long jumping last year at Nationals. (The photo was taken by a pro since we weren't allowed on the field.) Now is the season of endless track meets. It's also a season where she's among the youngest in her age group, so she's being challenged in a way that's new to her. Good for her. Mom needs a martini though while she's watching! The kid leaps over the sand pit like a gazelle. When I jump, I look like a drunken glob of flubber.


Rosemary said...

YAY! You're back! Oh Casii, you were missed! More exclamation points to just show you how much!!!!!!!!! Okay, calmer now. I'm sorry about the 'puter issues, that stinks.

Your kids are very talented, and your daughter is lovely - she has such a pretty smile but her eyes are just gorgeous! Yes, should have dug that moat a long time ago! It seems like one minute they're little five year olds with heads too big for their bodies and then - poof - they become these languid beauties going off to prom and marching to get their diploma. Happened to me last year with my niece - I was just stunned at the transformation.

Have to catch up sometime, very soon. Oh, the blog candy will be up tomorrow. It's gonna be pretty darn good. (IMHO)

tina said...

Yep, should've locked her up ;) She is jaw dropping gorgeous. Wow, that long jump brings back memories! I never long jumped, though. Looks like your girl has talent!

I'm glad you're back, too. Sniff! You were so missed!

Whitney said...

Your daughter is beautiful! I hope she had a great time at prom. Good luck with all the track meets!

Kim said...

Oh, yes, you were missed!

And older daughter is stunning. Too late to lock her up, though. And darn it, she's too old (right now) for that boy of mine. Maybe in a few years? ;-)

And just so you know, I'd pay good money to see you do that long jump. Maybe near the end of next week, after the Manager's Special?

Kris said...

Welcome back. Good to see you didn't kick the pc to the corner.

You're daughter is gor-gee-ous!! Senior year is such a fun time for kids.

WOW!! what a jumper. That girls got some air between her and the track.

Have a happy day


Rosemary said...

Hey there! You've been tagged to answer the 8 Meme. Hey, I can't help it, I got tagged and am spreading the love, baby!

Dianna said...

Good Lordy....are mine going to get that big?!?
Beautiful talented girls you have there Mom (sending a long-distance pat on the back;)!

jennifer said...

Yep, you should have locked her up - she is stunning!

And my word, your girl is airborn!