Friday, April 10, 2009

Twitterpated yet?

(yes, the internet is still doing it's own thing. a tech was supposed to come yesterday, but never showed. hmmph)

Every year I have a little argument with myself over which season I love the most: Spring or Fall. I've decided that I love the one I'm with and that means Spring is my current love. Normally, when I'm doing a walkabout in the yard surveying the estate (bwahahaha), I try to maintain a certain ladylike state of decorum. Considering the events that unfolded last week in my back yard though (see previous post), I felt quite free to do a completely undignified happy dance when I noticed the first stalks of yummy, tender asparagus peeking through the ground. (me, happy dance, not a pretty picture, keep it out of your head, lest your retinas be seared for life)

The little lettuce bed also got similar love as did the ripening buds on the numerous lilac bushes. I love Spring!

I even love the birds coming back home with their twittering birdsong and fun banter. What I don't love is that they start singing at the top of their lungs next to MY windows looooooooong before the sun comes up.

This is the reason I am typing this out far earlier than God intended for anyone to actually arise and greet the day.

I am also reminded that as soon as we put the air conditioners in for the summer (we live in an oooooold house with no central air), they will promptly begin building nests in the tiny spaces to each side of the AC. Each year I am torn between letting them nest or letting my hubby knock the nests from their hidden perches.(before eggs. I'm not a baby birdie hater) If their nests are allowed to continue, we are guaranteed several tiny little voices raised in chorus as Mama Bird feeds her flock. To these birds, I have to ask, what is wrong with using the neighboring home windows instead of ours????

Just one tiny project to show before I go and who knows if that will upload because of this infernal internet. I have to say that at the moment, my tiny studio is an official disaster area. I even walked in there yesterday only to walk out and ask my hubby why he had let the lady who used that room trash it so thoroughly. "Creative chaos?" He tentatively answered. Good man, good man.
I made these cards before I remembered the Post Office has gotten power crazy with what you can send out without incurring extra postage. Luckily, these passed the 'fit through the teensie slot' test, thus requiring no more stampage. I don't even know how old this My Mind's Eye paper is. What I do know is that it is majorly cute and has been hiding from me because if I had known of it's cuteness before, it would've been long gone. And I continue my erstwhile addiction to scallops. I can't seem to do anything without throwing a scallop into it lately! I loved the little vintage look of these seed packets and at $.20 each, they were a bargain embellishment and little giftie for these Easter cards. Plenty of room to write behind the seeds.
Have a wonderful and glorious Easter!


tina said...

Ah, Casii! I so love your posts! There is so much personality in them. Not to mention, I can envision myself doing many of the same things over sprouting asparagus. I love your lovely little seed packets!!! Morning glories are the best!

TJ said...

Those are beautiful! I have several packets of seeds from the dollar store (10 cents each) but I have yet to do anything creative with them :)

Yum asparagus.

HAve a wonderful Easter!

Bliss said...

Every year I forget about the LOUD baby birds! They are so irritating! I don't let MY kids get that loud ;)

I just read that wild story below...weird things happen to me today...I can't tell it here. I hope your molasses melts!!!

CoveredInCrafts said...

Those are cute! I love your blog.

Claudia's Irish Eyes said...

I can't wait for spring to get here, seems like it's taking forever. Love your work !

~kellyann~ said...

Love the little cards- what a nice greeting to send out (will be saving that idea for sure!)

What did you use as a mask for the butterfly?

I know what molasses feels like: we still have dial-up here. Y-A-W-N! and nothing green yet.

Have a wonderful Easter.

Rosemary said...

Happy Easter!

Great post, I love the cards!

I know what you mean about the birds, we get them just outside our front door and I find myself questioning how badly I'm traumatizing mama bird every time I want to go outside!

Kim said...

I'm with you. Spring is my favorite season. Until it's fall . . . . . Love the seed packet cards - they are so cute. And thanks for the comment on my ribbon flowers. :-)

Rosemary said...

Any luck with the computer? I hope so. Oh, and we had our own police activity on Easter Sunday. I'm not liking it either.

jennifer said...

Love the seed cards! How pretty.

I love the phrase "Creative Chaos"... I resemble that statement.

Jana said...

You are a hoot. Love your cards. And I am sure that your dancing was great too.

Anonymous said...

Love the cards! :)

Dianna said...

H I L A R I O U S song*!*
Have you seen that show?

Miss ya lady!

Rosemary said...

You are missed, Casii. We need funny posts! Also, come over and play at Opus Gluei - we're having a shameless blog candy giveaway!