Friday, May 16, 2008

Ask me later

how I'm doing with my new running program.

Like after I've actually started doing it?

I have about 6 bazillion excuses to put off today what I might really decide to do on the 2nd Tuesday of next week:
~It's raining (this one is true for most days out of the past 2 weeks)
~I'm already working out 6 days a week (also true)
~I can't find comfortable running shoes (okay, this one is true because I have odd feet. I atttribute this to the fact that my parents were 5th cousins [no lie]. This is also why I have bad skin, bad teeth, bad eyesight and no pinky toenails). My feet are massively wide with no arch. What this really means is that to find a decent trainer, I have to go to the real runners store where they will put my tubby butt on a treadmill to watch how I run (read: snicker at the jiggly) in order to fit me with a suitable shoe. What is also means is that I will be expected to spent the equivalent of a month's worthy of grocery budget on a glorified sneaker. If anyone from Nike is reading this and wants to send me a lifetime supply of Shox, I'm not too proud to accept!
~Much like my loathing for the treadmill, my limited running experience leads me to believe that I'd rather be caught by a cop making out with my hubby in the back seat of his beater car than punish my shins & knees while looking for that 'runners high' (aw, come on, does that really exist?)
~I've already mentioned that the best time for me to exercise is in the morning and I am NOT a morning person. Now multiply that by lacing up my new trainers to run at the butt crack of dawn. Um, not exactly what I'd be leaping out of bed to do on any given morning. In fact, let's roll over in bed and go back to dreaming about lovely Creme Brulee with crunchy sugar topping or luscious Tiramisu or to die for Cheesecake....

So why am I whining about it at all? Haven't started. Hate the idea of it. Right?

Only, this summer I'll be on a couple of trips where popping in a workout dvd isn't an option. Camping with 25 teenagers with no electric or indoor plumbing does usually mean no dvd, right? Staying at my Nana's house, I don't think she'd appreciate me moving her furniture each morning and turning my club dance music way up (cause sweat just feels better when the tunes are LOUD).

I've already written about how easily I fall off the fitness wagon. I could turn a hang nail into an excuse to lay on the sofa and read fitness magazines rather than actually partake of any fitness activity. After working so hard at getting into a routine, quite honestly, I'm petrified to just let it go for a few days for fear I'll never strap on a sports bra again. I've got to come up with a plan to keep it going.

What's my plan you ask? (well, you probably didn't, but I'm telling ya anyway)
Cool Running :: The Couch-to-5K Running Plan
From what I hear and what I've read, this plan can get you running 5K or about 3 miles in a month. I'll be leaving on my first trip in just over a month, so this is doable. The time commitment seems reasonable too; just 3 days a week.

So excuses aside, I think I can find 3 days a week where there's no rain or it isn't so bad. I think I can pull myself out of bed and get it done. I think I can submit myself to finding a shoe that will work. I've looked at the first week and it's definitely possible. Here's to being the Little Engine That Could, right?


Back Through Time said...

I can help you with those excuses, LOL. I don't run and won't with asthma even with it under control.
Sounds like you are working out anyway so great for you!!

Danielle said...

Oh my goodness, girlfriend. Running! I give you more credit than ever before. I don't like running to the curb nevermind 5K. Besides, my "girls" would be sooo very unhappy.

Good Luck and keep me posted!


jennifer said...

*shaking my poms poms

You can do it

You can do it

If you put your mind to it

If you put your mind to it

You can Do It Do IT DO IT!

Yea Casii!

Woo Hoo!