Thursday, May 22, 2008

I covet

the Wii.
And Wii Play.
And now, worst of all, Wii Fit.

Bad, bad, bad Casii!

How is it that in this house, the tables are turned and while my hubby is perfectly happy to never watch television (except for the odd Johnny Cash special), play ANY type of video game or enjoy the benefits of seeing Terri Hatcher's enormous pores via HDTV while I, the girly girl, want a Wii so desperately that I make wild, keening phone calls to hubby whenever I see one in a store? I'm pretty sure he chalks it up to PMS. And apparently I have PMS at least once a week according to his estimation.

I cannot help that I have not so subtly suggested that a Wii game system would make a great gift for me since, oh, about 6 months before they even released one. The want, nay, need, has never gone away. I want to box, bowl, play tennis and now, watch my Mii blow up to Teletubbie sized proportions when I do Wii Fit.

The problem is this darned thing in our marriage called consideration. We don't make big purchases without discussing it. Anything over $100 is considered a big purchase (hmm, except for make-up, the odd purse, Italian chandeliers and the ENTIRE collection of Heidi Swapp's new releases, but that almost never happens. Really.). Oh he has his moments too. Don't ask me about the time he brought home a whole house fan and was going to cut an enormous chunk of plaster out of my ceiling for it. Just don't ask. I won't mention the time he bought a van either. Or the time I came home to a trailer parked in my yard. I just won't mention it.

I'm considering going without the new MAC collection and a shopping trip to Lucketts to save my own darned stash and buy my own darned Wii, so the wild weekly phone calls can stop (and hubby can turns his attentions to other personality deficits of mine. Like how I hate to be cold while he hates to be warm.). In the meantime, I must live vicariously through other lucky Wii folks. One of those posted a hilarious video on YouTube regarding his opinion of Wii's BMI estimation for him. Must. See. This. Don't drink and view or you are liable to spew your Propel all over the screen like I did.

YouTube - my wii fit made me trix

Update on the Couch to 5K: My excuses got to me this week. We've had rain. Non-stop rain at the exact same moments I've wanted to hit the trail (can you see how wishy-washy I can be?). Monday was good. Felt the pain in my knees and hip sockets on Tuesday. Today I headed out before I could talk myself out of it and pushed it through. The plan looks easy, but it doesn't take into account that people will actually see you out there.

I can only imagine it looks kind of odd. A person attempting to be incognito by wearing black workout pants, a dark sweatshirt and dark sunglasses. Only this person walks for a while and then breaks into a painfully slow jog during which watchers must assume that the person has finally warmed up to their job. About that time, the jogger stops and becomes a runner again. Cycle repeats for 20 minutes. Add in that I'm trying to do this to get into shape which means one must understand this dark walk/jogger is also hefting a great deal of weight as she jiggles her way down the pavement. So, the average person sees chubby, ill-outfitted ME huffing and puffing away. Can you see that this is not exactly a boost for the ego or incentive to continue on with this madness?

The only thing keeping me going on is that I'm trying to convince myself that I'm more stubborn than my fat, so I CAN do it and I WILL succeed.

Of course, this is also the same determined stubborn attitude that will eventually net me that Wii when DH gives in to the weekly PMS attack in a moment of weakness. Ha! I'm so totally getting that Wii!

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Kelly said...

You go, girl! Good luck with the Wii adventure - I have faith that you'll win eventually. :)
Miss you!