Thursday, November 13, 2008

David vs David, the Idol Wars

First, let me say that I am so glad that a new season of American Idol hasn't started. Yet. Hubby hates that the rest of us watch it and ascertains that a talented person should be able to make it without a pre-fab television show. Lurve hubby to death, but phooey, raspberries on him for muttering, sighing and grunting while we have our fun.

All in good natured fun, we were a house divided this past season. My daughters crushed on David Archuletta with his earnest power ballads. I thought I would reach through the screen if I saw him lick his lips one more time and forcibly apply Carmex to his pucker. He drove me crazy (you know, in a way that someone you don't even know can get on your very last nerve, the tv reality show star way and why do we invest ourselves in this stuff kind of nerve?)

They thought he was the cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuutest thing ever.

Gag. Me. With. A. Spoon.

I, on the other hand, was reasonable in my polite and appropriate admiration for David Cook. If, on the very occasional show, I hopped up on the sofa and whooped like a crazed warrior (or Cruisazy), please attribute it to too much caffeine rather than a mistaken assumption that I had a mini (major) thing for David Cook. I'm sorry daughters, he's just more gifted, versatile and marketable than Archie boy. It's simply good business sense, right? Dang, I should be a talent scout.

So the past couple of weeks, the rivalry has been renewed as my daughters replay David A's "Crush" whatever song until my ears bleed while I blast David C's "Light On" at every opportunity.

And today, they are IN FOR IT! This site is streaming the superior David's album for free right now: David Cook's New Album There are a few songs I'm having mad love for like "Declaration". And remember, if you ever see me on a sofa, it was the Starbucks, not the rock star. So there.


Anna Willett said...

hey! you asked me on my blog about the jaded bible study. i think it would be great for young adults. it is especailly good for those who have been hurt by the church. thanks for commenting. i love reading your blog, btw...

Back Through Time said...

I am SO With you on your choice!! Archie boy made me gag too. And then there was David Cook..........need a say more???

Dianna said...

New album on sale today~isn't it HEAVEN?
Lie, Permanent, Bar be Sol,....OMG.
But ya know, it's ALL about the music...and nothing else (I keep telling myself that! he IS a genius...have you heard any of his old stuff? He has 5 other albums ya know). The website has been electric all day today.

PS...he DID touch my bum... said...

I will be buying the Cook CD, but not the other.

And I'll be happy to chip in on some chapstick for that kid.