Saturday, November 15, 2008

Pretty is as Thrifty does

Okay. Okay, okay, okay, so you know how when you get really excited when you get a great deal? Or you find something so unbelievably cool and you just can't wait to share it with someone? Cool! Then this is how I feel when on the 9th visit to a thrift shop I find something I actually want to buy instead of donate.

So, let's share, shall we?

Yes, I saw something on the shelves we donated, but we also found these beauties which we left the store with for less than a 10-spot:Lots of gloriously simple, but infinitely functional milk glass goodies for the kitchen; mixing bowls (which in my house double as serving bowls), a sturdy diner mug, a couple of bowls, a ramekin and a neato little vase. Plus a rosey, posey print.

Hubby doesn't know it yet, but I'm soon coming to a point where I'll box up all the newlywed Corelle to give one of our children when they get their first place. I'm ready to switch the kitch completely over to MY tastes.

And really it pains me that this is probably the stuff that my Nana sold at a garage sale for a nickle when I was a little girl. People are donating these classics. Sure they don't have the media love that Jadite gets or pink depression glass, but milk glass is an all inclusive glass. It doesn't discriminate. You can pair it with Jadite, depression glass in all shades, ruby glass. Heck, even new Fiesta and it will complement nicely. If you have milk glass and you don't want it, send it to moi!

I know the print isn't for everyone, but it was sitting there looking so lush and lonely that we brought it home. It does have a place in the grand scheme of our new living room plans, but for now, it will have to be happy perched on a ledge in the dining room. Kind of reminds me of these flowers that are still blooming in our garden.

If you haven't overheard the Christmas music playing in the background while you shop the past week, you probably haven't actually gone shopping. The season is here; especially if you make any of your decorations or gifts. There is a cool little blog happening this month. You can click on it if you look on the right sidebar here. Joli Paquet is offering tips, tutorials and recipes all month long by some of my favorite bloggers. The best part of Joli Paquet is that they also have kits of lots of various holiday projects that are A-Maze-Ing. If you love to get a little glue under the fingernails or glitter in your hair and want a creative jumpstart, check them out! I already came, saw and shopped!

I really feel that even in this economy, we should seek out unique, personal gift ideas like the ones Joli Paquet offers rather than defaulting to only shopping the big box stores. If we don't, next year there might not be a Joli Paquet or Christmas show at your fairgrounds or even a fundraising church bazaar. We'll find ourselves buying keychains and travel mugs in plain black boxes by the register when we pick up our deodorant. I really don't want that. I'd much rather buy Reeses when I pick up my deodorant.

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TJ said...

I love the milk glass! I have a huge bowl and it is so beautiful. I especially love bowls that serve both as mixing and serving. Makes things easier on us gals!